Lost 10.6kg and 33cm.

For many years I have had various health problems including inflammation in my back and I was always tired and energy levels were very low. I always felt hungry and could not satisfy my hunger.  Having put on a lot of weight I was advised to lose weight to see if this would help with my problem.

I have tried various diets, but found the weight came back as I was left with no guidance for the long term and I did not have the knowledge in making the right food choices.

The program was recommended to me in April this year, I was introduced to Lisa Cameron and I began my weight and wellness program.

The first week I found difficult and thought I can’t do this but I soon realised that I had an exceptional coach in Lisa, as she was so supportive and gave me confidence to feel that I could achieve my goal and incorporate the program into my lifestyle. I was amazed at the choice of food I could eat from the supermarket and that I never felt hungry.   

I looked forward to my weekly visit with Lisa as she was always so friendly and with her encouragement I found it exciting to see my weekly weight loss. Lisa always encouraged me to contact her if I had any questions and this was so helpful especially in the beginning when I was not sure of what items to buy.

I found the recipes easy to prepare and they allowed me to experiment confidently and prepare tasty, healthy meals for the family.

I found the Daily Planner enabled me to plan my meals and shop in advance so that I always had what I needed on hand. Recording every day helped me control what I was eating and this soon became a way of life.

I felt quite sad coming to the end of the program, although I am excited knowing that I can now control my weight so easily. I am now 10.6 kgs lighter, I never feel hungry and my energy levels are so much higher.  I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle.

I am so grateful to Lisa and this wonderful program for helping to turn my life around.