Lost 26.2kg and 74.5cm.

I have been overweight since I was 10. Numerous past attempts at weight loss saw me lose the weight, lose focus and regain the weight and then some. I have struggled emotionally and physically from being overweight. Low self-esteem saw me withdraw socially over the years. Physically, I have a knee that was limping along until I was ‘old enough’ for a total knee replacement.

In May I went to my niece’s 18th. The photos of me made me feel overwhelmingly sad. I was fat! I began the week feeling flat and teary, unsure of what I was going to do about it.

Then came the lightning bolt in the form of an email introducing the 4 week challenge. I ticked a mental ‘yes’ to every question posed in the email. I knew deep down that I was ready to embark on this and give it everything I had. I called immediately and only days later met Nola. She was amazing, a bright, enthusiastic dynamo who shared her journey with me. I started the 4 week challenge the next day.

The first week was challenging – withdrawing from my former eating habits. However the eating plan was easy to follow and more than kept me sated. My first weigh in was amazing – 3.5kg. Instantly I was reaping immense rewards. My energy levels soared. No longer was I coming home from work and collapsing on the couch. I had energy left to burn. Being more energetic has led to more quality time with my husband. We now regularly take long bushwalks together, something I could not manage previously. Keeping a food diary is invaluable. It has allowed me to keep on track and be accountable for everything I eat.

My blood pressure has dropped and I am in negotiations with my GP to trial coming off medication all together. I have a healthy BMI and a waist measurement within a normal range. But best of all is that my knee has improved dramatically. I no longer suffer debilitating pain and I believe that I can now kiss that knee replacement goodbye!!

I feel confident, smile more and am trying on new clothes at every opportunity. Fitting into a size 10 dress reduced me to tears – HAPPY tears! I am determined and am armed with new knowledge that I can not only sustain my current lifestyle but thrive in the new challenges that await me.