Lost 12.1kg and 44.5cm to date…

After always living an active and fit life in the dance industry in my younger years, then settling down to raise my family, I found that family life took over and my priorities changed which lead to a decrease in exercise. I then started my own dance school which absorbed my life and added an increase in stress and pressure which lead to an increase in eating the wrong types of foods.  Over the course of 10 years I found my weight slowly increasing and my clothes sizes going up with each new year. I was always feeling tired and lethargic, with no energy to do anything after work and weekends, I could also feel my strength deteriorating, I no longer liked what I saw in the mirror. After seeing some photos of myself, I never wanted my photo to be taken again. I tried to lose weight but always managed to put it back on again plus some extra.

After moving house and having a career change to a job less stressful, I realised I needed to do something about my situation, I didn’t want to be “Fat and Frumpy” when I turn 50  and didn’t want to feel or look like I did  anymore. I had walked past Healthy Inspirations on a weekly basis for many months and wondered if I could fit it into my lifestyle/schedule or if it was at all possible for me to do.

Eventually I decided to bite the bullet and go and see what it was all about. From my very first steps through the front door I was made to feel welcome and at ease.  All the staff at Healthy Inspirations have been extremely supportive and caring. They are an AMAZINGLY AWESOME crew, from my very first step into HI and meeting Sonya, to the weigh ins and measures with Jo, Bel, Klara, Sonya and Kylie, they are all full of encouragement, support, ideas and solutions. Everyone is treated as an individual and with as much importance as the next person. (Which is comforting to know). The re-education of my eating habits and help and assistance with my new eating plans with the use of the HI program has set me up for a healthy and active life.   I love the circuit sessions and how the machines are adaptable so when you become fitter and stronger you can challenge yourself to new levels.

Each member of the team is always there with a smiling face ready to build confidence and strength inside and out. The Healthy Inspirations team at Maitland has the perfect blend of weight loss, fitness, caring and encouragement in a friendly and happy atmosphere.

My goal was to lose 10kg by the time I turned 50, “To be Fit at Fifty” was my incentive to achieve my goal. I have lost 12.1kg and 44.5cm to date and I have exceeded all my expectations, I am now wearing size 10 clothes again (so excited). But the best part is that I feel healthy and alive again, I have strength back to be able to live my life and love my life. This has not been a diet but a life style change, a realisation that in order to look after the ones you love you need to look after yourself first. This is just the beginning of a strong and healthy life. I look forward to every visit to HI and love the community I am now a part of, a Community full of like minded, friendly and caring people.

This is My Happy Place    😉