Lost 10.5kgs and 34cm

I never thought I’d be in such great shape at the age of 46. Food was something that I used to reward myself, make myself feel happy, or treat myself when I was unhappy or annoyed. My weight was something I would think about often, and being unhappy with what I looked like, what I weighed, and how I couldn’t fit into my clothes. I would also use excuses such as having had children, permanent injuries, and the busyness of work and life.

I have a long range of issues associated with injuries sustained over 20 years ago whilst in the Army. My doctor suggested a double knee replacement was on the cards, but family history of high cholesterol and heart attack made being sedentary not the answer. My doctor suggested
increasing the strength around the joints to help protect my knees and hips.

At my first appointment at Healthies, I was immediately infected with the excitement and encouragement of Nola and Ellissa-Mae. So, I began my journey of building a sound knowledge foundation of weight loss, muscle gain, and improved fitness.

I have been able to enjoy food in larger quantities than I am used to, and have also introduced many new vegetables that I wasn’t eating before. As a result of this healthier eating my skin, hair and nails have also improved – and as a sufferer of psoriasis, this has been significant!

I have more energy and get up each day with a spring in my step and looking for ways of introducing activity into my day. This energy has also
allowed me to ride the challenging waves at work with people commenting on how resilient I have become.

I have improved my cardiovascular health, increased strength, and changed my body shape, which has people thinking I have lost 20kg due to my slimmer appearance. I have completed many charity runs and recently completed a half marathon in under 2 hours!

The people from Healthies bring with them their own experiences and challenges at all stages of weight loss and maintenance. I walk away feeling inspired, educated and energised and they continue to build my knowledge of weight management, exercise, my body’s relationship with food, and strategies to deal with challenges in the coming week.

Having reached my goal weight I feel energetic, passionate about living a long and healthy life, trying new things and giving myself new challenges.

I would recommend Healthies to anyone. Not only are the coaches fabulous, but you become part of a sisterhood that is encouraging and inspiring – we are there for each other and always having a laugh whilst we workout during the classes or doing our own program.