Lost 10.5kg and 34 cm That’s 15.1% of body weight

My weight loss/gain journey has been a never ending one.  I can remember I started my first “health kick” when I was twelve.  Then being on a never-ending cycle of weighing myself, some form of exercise and eating so few calories that I was not helping my cause; followed by getting on those scales and being really unhappy with the results.

Food was something that I used to reward myself with, make myself feel happy, or treat myself when I was unhappy or annoyed – indulging in chocolates, bowls of cereal or loads of bread.  My weight was something I would think about often, and being unhappy with what I looked like, what I weighed, and how I couldn’t fit into my clothes.  I would also use excuses such as having had children, permanent injuries, and the busyness of work and life.

I have been encouraged to lose weight over my life for a range of reasons, but this last time was seeing my good friend Coralie beaming with pride and confidence having reached her goal weight for her 50th, because of her involvement with Healthies.  Then during a Melbourne Cup luncheon (yes carbs were consumed in the way of a nice “Bird in Hand” bubbly or three), I happen to win a Healthy Inspirations voucher.  It sat on my dining table for some time with me wondering is this something for me.  Then a work colleague suggested I should do something for myself and later that week I booked an appointment.

At my first appointment I was immediately infected with the excitement and encouragement of Nola and Ellissa-Mae.  So, began my journey of building a sound knowledge foundation of weight loss, muscle gain, and improved fitness.  I now understand the relationship my body has with protein, fat, and carbohydrates and fueling my body correctly.

Even though I have been successful on this journey, I still doubt myself, fight with negative thoughts, compare myself to others, and over indulge on occasions.  I also am challenged during social settings; always figuring out how to handle the food choices, dealing with people who think I should have that extra glass of bubbles, or those people who find it necessary to make unkind comments about my new shape.

However, the message that resonates with me is I have the knowledge to ensure long lasting weight control.  I still worry that I might go back to old habits, and I know there will be times in the future that I will “fall off the wagon” – but the trick is to get back on it!

Having reached my goal weight I feel energetic, passionate about living a long and healthy life, trying new things and giving myself new challenges such as fun runs and walking Mt Lofty.

I am so grateful for the Healthies Team and everyone I come into contact with at the gym.  I have been encouraged and inspired by everyone who attends and I have always felt welcome; from the very first day I arrived.

My top three (whoops 4) Heathy Inspiration tips:

  1. Food preparation.  This has been critical in my journey.  Make the time to consider you food choices for the following day and week, ensuring you have everything you need at home to prepare for the next day; especially your protein snacks ensuring you can pop them in your bag when you’re out and about.
  2. Listen to your Healthy Coaches. They have great knowledge and tips to help you understand weight loss, weight control, and your own personal body’s relationship with protein, fats, and carbohydrates.
  3. You need to move.  Regardless of what kind of exercise you want to do – just do it!  I didn’t start off doing the kind of exercise I am doing now but give yourself a daily activity goal.  Exercise brings a whole new sense of achievement.
  4. Don’t give up.  You will have days or even periods of time where you allow negative speak enter your mind, or you give yourself an excuse for making a specific food choice or choosing not to do that walk, class or circuit.  However, you must remember that you are worth it and it is an investment in yourself, and for your friends and family, if you make the time for exercise, attending check-ins and making good food choices and allowing time to plan and prepare your meals and snacks.