Lost 8kg and 35.5cm.

After losing my husband Antony almost 3 years ago, I was lost.  I was devastated when he passed and didn’t know who and where to turn to, after being happily married for 48 years.

I resumed my 1½ hour early morning power walk but that was not enough. I needed to lose some weight, get fit and wanted something completely different. I needed professional health and fitness advice. I looked on the Net for gymnasiums in Sale and was undecided as where to go until my eyes caught the idiom “Shaping Women for Life”.

And that was “HEALTHY INSPIRATIONS”! I then hoped it was for women only.

I walked in bravely one morning and haven’t looked back. That was mid March 2015.

Lisa was at her desk and warmly welcomed me. I did not believe my luck, it was indeed a gymnasium for women. This was the type of place that would encourage women. “You are not too old or too overweight. We are here to help, not to criticise”!  A place that women wouldn’t feel embarrassed or out of place.

I had come to the right place. We had a long chat and I told Lisa about my loss, shed a few tears and asked her for advice. Lisa understood!!!

On the same morning, I signed on for 6 months, for the full works. I got my self esteem back and was determined to do well. Lisa, being a Personal Trainer showed me how to use the resistance exercises correctly, spoke about nutrition, the eating plan, the coaching and advise available if I had a question. I was given a booklet with all the necessary information and I have never once been hungry. Today I am on my 18th booklet (I skipped Book 3, as I was doing well) and that’s with the help of the coaches, Lisa, Sam and Leigh. I gave it my best and knew that my willpower would prevail.

I was losing almost 1 kg every week for the first 8 weeks. I went down to nearly 50.1 kgs after starting at 60 kgs. After a few months, I put on 2 kgs of muscle and have been consistent at an average of 52 kgs since. My blood pressure, cholesterol and all the other yearly clinical tests were back to normal and my GP was astounded!

There is no such thing as “I CAN’T”, everyone “CAN” if they put their heart and soul into it, the energy and interest will follow.

Children and husbands are no excuses, you can work around them!

Today, with the help of Lisa, Sam, Leigh and others, I have kept my weight well balanced to my height and bone structure and intend to keep doing so in the future. I feel great, I have made friends and today, I am a much happier person.