Lost 26.1kg and 28.46% of her body weight

Over the last few years my health really took a turn for the worse. I not only struggled physically but also mentally and the weight was just piling on. I just felt like my body was letting me down.

The turning point for me was last December 2022 when we were away with family and were on a day out at the beach. While everyone was in the water I volunteered to stay back and ‘look after our stuff’. The truth was I was so embarrassed and ashamed. I was so overweight, I couldn’t fit into my bathers and the thought of people seeing me in bathers horrified me. That day I decided enough was enough and I needed to get control back and get my life back.

My sister-in-law and niece had joined Healthies and they were losing weight and looked amazing so I decided to take the plunge and do it too. My goal was not only to lose weight but most importantly to get healthy and get off all the medication I was taking. I was bloated, puffy and just a mess!

As time went on the weight just dropped off and I started feeling more energetic. I was exercising. I followed the plan diligently and I finally felt in control. I even managed to reverse my high blood pressure.

Life throws you some curve balls which you can’t control. But I learned that the one thing no one can control (but you) is what you decide to put in your mouth and fuel your body with. I was filling myself up with the wrong snacks and combined with no exercise and the medication I was just spiralling.

My goal was to lose weight (which I’ve achieved) but I’ve gained so much more. I have my life back. I can breathe and I’m happy again!

I couldn’t have done all this though without Coach Cheryl and the team. The weekly 1 on 1 nutrition check-ins not only kept me accountable but emotionally kept me sane. You never feel like you are just a number. They genuinely care.

Support is so important and without my family being my number one fans I couldn’t have done this either. They have helped me stay on track, encouraged me and cheered me on throughout this journey and for that, I’m so thankful.

My top tips are:

  1. Always meal prep and plan your daily meals and snacks.
  2. Don’t be afraid to have a huge serving of salad or veggies. Weigh your protein, choose your fat and then fill yourself up on veggies and salad. Protein fat and low carb. When you understand that, it’s a very simple program to follow.
  3. Don’t weigh yourself every day. It will just do your head in!
  4. Move even if you start at 10 minutes. Take it from someone who couldn’t walk for 5 minutes without needing a puffer. It gets easier.