Lost 6.5kg and 25.5cm

The last 5 years have been quite topsy turvy and stressful. With the opportunity to retire came the opportunity to reduce that stress and to prioritise my own wellbeing. With the birth of our 3 grandchildren and the onset of a 2nd autoimmune condition, I was feeling I needed to do something to take better control of my overall health.

Since commencing the program in earnest in January, I have managed to reduce my weight and the build-up of tissue/fat under my bust making exercise less likely to induce reflux etc. I have also been able to reduce my cholesterol level to the extent of my physician reviewing my medication – that is a real win!

“Having to” report to somebody else provided further impetus to stay on track and really help to reset my thinking about food.

For me exercising in the morning is better and sets me up for the day. Embarking on the weight loss component was a bit of a leap of faith as one of my autoimmune conditions caused a significant increase in my metabolism which had a negative impact on my overall health BUT my experience has been one of positives rather than negatives – I feel better, look better, am more mobile and feel more in control of what I eat (less dependent on SUGAR!)

Join in… it is such a fun, friendly place where people take the time to get to know you; you will feel better and be a healthier individual for all of the effort.

My top tips:

  1. Be honest and know yourself.
  2. Join in.
  3. Do what you can do and allow the encouragement of staff and other members help you strive for further improvement.