Lost 10.3kgs and 12.18% of her body weight

After returning to Adelaide from a stint of living in the UK, a serious accident at home had left me bedridden for about 6 months. The weight started creeping on at an alarming rate for the first time in my life and I woke up one morning, looked at myself and wondered “what the hell happened”.

I was overweight, uncomfortable and embarrassed and decided on immediate action and enter Healthy Inspirations. I wanted a women’s only option and H.I listened to my tale of woe. They were understanding, welcoming and I believed the weight loss and return of fitness level was achievable.

I wasn’t looking for a quick fix but a programme which would become a way of life, and so it has. Healthy Inspirations is outside of my local area but worth the effort of driving most mornings. I’ve now removed 10kgs and kept it off for over 6 years as I continue to set small weight loss weight loss goals – usually in 2-3 kg increments – which works for me and my lifestyle.

I continue to make good decisions as I now understand the science behind the nutrition program and the importance of regular exercise. I couldn’t do it without the weekly 1 on 1 coaching for the accountability and keeping on track, and as a result my level of fitness has increased, I am happier and have more energy. I am now able to balance the love of good food, wine and travel with continuing to maintain my weight.

My top tips are:

  1. Every decision made will determine your level of success, i.e. swapping a glass of wine for a low calorie gin and diet tonic
  2. Find what works for you within the programme and focus on mastering this
  3. Stay with the programme – it becomes second nature
  4. Keep moving. I tend to stay in my active wear most of the day as it encourages me to do this.

The sum of all your decisions, no matter how small, add up and determine the level of your success. 

The Centre, its coaches and members have become a way of life and I am grateful to be part of it all.