Lost 34.8kg, reducing her body fat by 23.6kg

What a year it’s been in the HI family. If you had said to me the difference a year would have made, I wouldn’t have believed it. For me, it’s been life changing.

In the beginning, truth be told, after years of trying different diets and exercise and then self-sabotaging, I wasn’t sure it was going to work. On the first day Jodi asked what my goal was – I stated I can’t pick a number, just to lose something. Two weeks later the COVID shutdown struck, and I was devastated as I thought this would derail me – I had just started my new routine. With the help of my family and Jodi we decided I would stick with weekly check ins via Zoom.

Through this extremely hectic time, at work as a nurse, and with the 100% support of my family, I started to chip away at the challenge of 6 weeks free if I reached the goal of 9kgs. Obviously, money spoke to me as I reached this target easily. For me, doing it in secret helped, and by the time I saw family and friends I had lost 14kgs.

So, 12 months later, 34.7kg and 119cm down, the second goal has also been achieved. 

Overall, I have become a more positive, confident, happier person, who has loads more energy. My dietary intake has increased and definitely improved. I don’t miss any specific foods and am enjoying a new way of eating. Exercise is now twice a day – I see this as my recharge and down time – I love the gym, hiking in the bush or going on the exercise bike with music blaring in my ears. As one of my friends stated, a monster has been created! Mindset is the most important part of the HI program for me. The weekly check in’s give me accountability and a target to meet for the next week. It keeps my head in the game plus extra encouragement if I’m feeling slightly lost.

HI has brought invaluable support with both the other members and the Blackwood team of Jodi, Lisa, Jodie and Nadia. The overwhelming encouragement, praise, laughs and obviously the dancing, has seen me reach somewhere I dared to believe I could.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Small steps, don’t think big picture.
  2. Keep positive and believe in yourself.
  3. Enjoy the journey.