Lost 7.7 kilos and 36.5cms.

I was struggling to lose weight that just seemed to keep going on. Taking a good look in a full-length mirror was challenging.  My favourite clothes no longer fitted and shopping for new clothes was not a happy experience.  I was heading towards my 70th birthday, and had watched my mother who had arthritis and carried too much weight struggle to get around. 12 months ago I failed a stress test, had an angiogram, which revealed no need for surgery but I was prescribed aspirin, cholesterol and blood pressure tablets! The possibility of more grandchildren to have fun with as well as my arthritis made me think seriously about gaining control of my weight and become fitter.

A friend gave me a voucher for a month’s free trial at Healthy Inspirations so I decided to drop in and discuss my options.  I came out having joined the weight loss program and felt really scared that I might have signed up to waste my money. However, that was not to happen.

The Healthy Inspirations program has provided me with an easy plan to follow. While portion sizes and choosing the right foods are important, there are no points to count and it doesn’t need a lot of planning. There are times when your progress stalls and you can get down on yourself. Don’t give up, get back on track, and stick to the program.

I like the routine of regular exercising, catching up with the friends I’ve made, the weekly recipe cards, and helpful happy staff.  They are generous with goal rewards and promote a sense of fun! Celebrate your successes, keep positive!

Now I have been able to exercise without using extra tablets for arthritis – which I’d used too many of before, and I have been taken off all tablets by the cardiologist.

I am contented and happy. The secret of maintaining my weight is not a quick fix but a life long journey made easier with good habits. I can happily shop for clothes, and move more freely doing everyday tasks.  There is a wonderful feeling of lightness.

Here is a place where you will be treated with love and respect, and can work at your own pace. It’s a smiley centre.


  1. Eat more protein.
  2. Eat regularly.
  3. Keep moving.