Lost 3.8kg in Beat the Winter Blues 12 week Transformation

By June 2020 I was nearing 50 and felt both overweight and significantly challenged by a number of life events that were impacting my mental health. I felt that I needed to rediscover my identity and gain control of my life choices.

I had been trying to lose weight with invariable success. Joining Healthy Inspirations wasn’t so much about the weight loss for me, it was more about strengthening my mind and body to respond to the challenges that life had thrown at me.

The coaching and mentoring over time has enabled me to change eating habits, engage in regular and consistent exercise and to take control of my life at a time I felt it was out of control.

The daily routines I now undertake make me feel healthy and strong in both mind and body. I know who I am, what I want to be and believe in myself to achieve these things.

I am strong now. I believe in myself and know that I can achieve whatever I want. I no longer listen to or rely on external approval. As a result I will continue to lose weight and strengthen my body and brain.

When recommending HI I say, “Join, commit and be open to learning and establishing new lifelong habits”.

My 3 top tips:

  1. Stay committed to the eating plans.
  2. Exercise regularly (attend the gym or classes at least 3 times per week).
  3. Be vulnerable and open to new learning.