Lost 17.8 kilos and 67.5 cm.

I have some health concerns and I thought that if I was to maintain a healthier weight and lifestyle the effects of them could be lessened.

Prior to joining Healthy Inspirations, I had tried to lose the weight on my own, but was not succeeding, I was thinking that I just needed that little bit of guidance and accountability.  In the past I had lost weight but had unfortunately gained it all back again, so I was looking for a place that could help me lose the weight and keep it off. When I came into H.I. and had the program explained to me, I was quite pleased to see that there was an entire time period devoted to maintenance after you reached your goal weight.

I joined Healthy Inspirations in June 2017, and the results so far have been amazing. Very quickly I noticed an increase in my energy levels and general well-being. I have been honestly surprised at how quickly I have been able to adjust to the lifestyle changes and the results so far certainly speak for themselves. The methods and habits that I am developing are something that I can carry on with into the future.

I have found the regular contact with the staff to be very helpful.  Keeping the food diary helps me to stay accountable for my choices, and the support, encouragement and tips from the staff has been so valuable throughout my time with Healthy Inspirations.

The Healthy Inspirations method works. It is not too difficult to adjust to the eating plan as it is quite adaptable to your own tastes and does not feel restrictive as all.  The support of the staff is wonderful, and the regular catch-ups really help you stay on track.

My Top Tip

The thing that helped me most was finding alternatives that fit into the plan for the food I ‘missed’ (eg bread = I found a recipe for a ‘bread’ that used ground almond and a single serve can be made quite quickly in the microwave).   It has been quite fun to explore food like this.