Lost 9kg, reducing her body fat by 5.8%

When I first joined Healthy inspirations, I was not sure what life had planned next for me.  

My husband had only recently been diagnosed with cancer, and we were on the rollercoaster of chemotherapy for the next 6 months.

I came to the realisation that we still had to keep living and not let this beat us.

So, I joined Healthy Inspirations in August 2020 where I met the lovely girls Lisa, Jodi, Jodie & Nadia.

Since I have been a member of Healthy Inspirations, I have made some lovely friends, some I would like to say are forever friends.  They have always been really encouraging and helpful, with advice on lots of things like tips on what they do that help lose the weight and things that keep you on track, sometimes it can just be a kind word or compliment.

I have also noticed less visits to medical professionals. I have more energy and stamina and am able to fit more into my day.

It’s great to have a new range of recipes that I once would not have tried, and my new habit of pre-planning most meals makes dinner time easy.

I really enjoy the classes and sometimes they can be tough, but I didn’t join to muck around, my goal is to have a better lifestyle through weight loss and generally feel better in my skin.

The team at Healthy Inspirations have always been welcoming and have great advice on what you need to do to reach your goals through fitness and diet.

It has been a tough year for everyone, especially with Covid, but I really think joining Healthies when I did has made a huge difference in my life, and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Give it a try, the team and other members are supportive, friendly and encouraging.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Make a start and get involved.
  2. Ask questions and be open-minded to try new things.
  3. Have a good support network with family and friends, don’t listen to negativity.