Lost 5.5 kilos (8.23% of her body weight) and 25 cm and kept it off for 4 years (so far!)

I have always struggled with my weight and being one of seven children growing up on a farm in Western Australia I grew to a size 18. But on the farm the bigger you were the stronger you were perceived to be so it never bothered me until I started working in the city. I then noticed how much smaller the other women around me were and started to take better care of myself.

I then moved to Sydney and joined the NAB, living there for 5 years but decided that was a bit too big and fast for me so moved to Adelaide as my brother had been transferred here with the RAAF. Adelaide was much more my style. I’ve been here for the last 32 years. I met my husband here and had my family and so Adelaide and specifically Prospect, is definitely home.

When we moved to Prospect 6 years ago, I noticed that my weight was starting to creep up again as I had once again changed my routine. I tried going to the traditional gym with no success so decided to give Healthies a try as I felt I needed the extra support to keep me on track.

Fast forward 4 years and I have lost and kept off 5.5kgs, 25cms and 8.23% of my body weight. I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been and do this to set a good example for my daughters. I feel really good about myself and proud of what I have achieved. I am now a size 10 and love fitting into all my dresses especially as I work in a corporate office and want to look professional.

The program is very easy to follow and I try my best to keep my weight under control. One of the good things is, if you fall off the wagon there is always one of the Health Coaches at Healthy Inspirations to help you get back on track. This does happen occasionally when I go on holidays, but everything in moderation and you have to let your hair down sometimes! Every now and again I upgrade my membership back to the nutrition program with weekly check-ins to lose those couple of kilos that may have snuck back on and I like the extra support and accountability to reach my goals.

The support and friendship from team and fellow members is inspiring and through that I have now signed up to tick off one of my bucket list challenges, True Grit. I also find that now that I have lost the weight I continue to enjoy exercising and find there just aren’t enough hours available to do more. I have also started doing Personal Training with Yanni. I love pushing myself to the limit in every session.

My top tips:

  1. Do it for yourself.

  2. Plan your meals especially if you work.

  3. I take my Healthy Inspirations snacks & lunch from home so I’m not tempted by going to the shops.

  4. Accept that sometimes when you go out the choice is yours as to what you eat and drink.