Lost 11.9kgs and 54cms – that’s 15.10% of her body weight!

My son’s 21st and my daughters wedding were approaching so I had two really good reasons to get the weight off. I wanted to feel and look good when my husband and I walked our daughter down the aisle.

Before losing the weight I was tired all day. I work in retail and am on my feet all day and I would feel exhausted by the end of each day. After losing the weight, I feel fantastic, am full of energy and feel healthier.

The weekly coaching gave me something to aim for every week.  The week was short enough to keep my goals fresh in my mind, but long enough to leave the responsibility on me. It helps me keep accountable to myself.

My journey has been made very easy by HI. Before, I didn’t feel comfortable going to an ordinary gym. HI made be feel part of the family from the beginning, and I look forward to going each day.

I’m living proof the program works. The environment is very friendly and like a family. They will happily welcome you and help you throughout your weight loss journey.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. The first few weeks were the hardest. It does get easier.

  2. If you are struggling, speak to the HI team. The struggles are normal and they know how to help you.

  3. Every day is a new day, never give up and just start again.