Lost 9.6kgs, (13.99% of her body weight) and 29cms

I love food and eating out is something my family and I have always enjoyed, with Chinatown and the Central Market in particular. I found that while I wasn’t really doing anything differently, I was putting on weight and not able to eat the foods and drinks I had always enjoyed without the weight piling on. I guess it just came with becoming middle-aged!  It was frustrating because I have always been a really active person; played competitive netball and walked but nevertheless the weight was starting to creep up to the point where clothes weren’t fitting, and I didn’t like the look of what I was seeing in the mirror.

What inspired me to lose weight was more the feeling of wanting to get back in control of my overall health. I wanted to cut down on alcohol, snack foods, large meal servings but also to do different sorts of exercise and feel more energetic. I was in a bit of a ‘slump’ and the weight was just part of that.

I must admit I found the first few weeks of the program hard. Having to reduce wine (!) and be really regimented with what and when I ate was a real shock to the system. I realised how much I used to graze between meals and rely on my afternoon Chai latte (with all that sugar) to boost my energy levels. After I got over the initial shock, I felt really in control and enjoyed the challenge.  The team at Healthy Inspirations were always very helpful with tips and tricks for staying on-plan.

A few months in I did find it increasingly hard having to juggle working full-time, having three (fussy) teenagers in the house, with one of them and myself being vegetarian. It all became too hard, so I ended up just cooking and planning my food separately and my partner (bless him) cooked meals for himself and the kids. 

It is not just losing weight but also committing to a healthier lifestyle that has changed my life.  I make time in my week to come to the exercise classes. Prioritising a healthy diet and exercise in general, has made me feel much better about myself and reduced my stress levels. I also sleep better and experience less headaches.

My Top 3 Healthy Inspirations tips:

  1. Fully engage with the program. Be committed to attending your check-ins (to make yourself accountable, feel supported and get some good tips) and go to the exercise classes/circuit as much as you can, even if it’s just once a week.
  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself and go at your own pace.
  3. Make use of the recipes offered at Healthy Inspirations. I had to adapt some of them to be vegetarian, but they greatly helped me plan my meals.