I started my weight loss journey by the end of January 2021. I realised while writing my thesis, I had gained over 10 kilos. 

Therefore, after submitting my thesis in January, I was looking to join a programme that would help me get back to a healthy weight in a healthy way. 

While passing by I came across the healthy Inspiration advertisement and decided to walk in.  I had no idea what to expect. I first met up with Eileen and after talking with her I was convinced to join the weight loss programme. 

Initial exercise sessions were really tough especially because I was out of touch and unfit. I attended around 6 exercise lessons a week in the first couple of months and really enjoyed all of them. Special thanks to Ally and Kelly for constantly pushing me and Eileen for helping me with the nutrition plan.

To date I’ve lost 14 kgs and hope to lose more. I feel healthier, happier and  I am glad I just took a chance and walked to Healthy Inspiration that day.