Lost 9.6kg, reducing her body fat by 3.8%

Before coming to Healthy Inspirations I felt sluggish, heavy and stiff in my joints. I was also feeling very dissatisfied with my body image and constantly felt frustrated trying on clothes and seeing myself! My turning point came the night we went to the beach as a family and I couldn’t even bring myself to wear bathers and go near the water. 

My weight has always fluctuated, as a child, through 3 pregnancies and now with age and hormonal fluctuations. I realised that this was the time I needed to turn things around and set up some good habits for my future health.

I was initially nervous about whether I could commit mentally and physically to the program. After putting myself last for a long time I now place more importance on mindful eating, increasing my physical activity and creating healthy options including getting a good nights sleep! I have seen immediate and wonderful benefits with this and feel that I am working on these habits for the longterm not just a “quick fix” like I have done previously.

My self-esteem has improved, my energy levels are higher and my thinking is clearer. My skin has improved and the pain and swelling in my joints is so much better! I also feel like I am modelling good habits to my children by eating well, making time for daily exercise and making my health a priority.

I love the accountably by using the booklets to record and also the regular options given for food and exercise. It is a very supportive environment and very relaxed and non-judgemental which I love. There is also plenty of laughter and support by the women who attend!

It is well worth the commitment if you are ready to make a change.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Honour your health and the benefits there are in looking after yourself.
  2. Make changes, even if small, and keep working on consistency knowing that there will be some set backs!
  3. Share your journey and be proud of your changes – celebrate your achievements!