Lost 13.7 kilos and 51 cm.

15 years ago, I had breast cancer and although the treatment (surgery and radiation) was successful, my affected breast was nearly 2 sizes smaller than the healthy one.  A year ago, I decided that it was time to address the imbalance in my body as well as my body image.  I set out on a quest to be my best body shape prior to having reconstructive surgery to make both sides look the same.

My Healthy Inspirations step by step eating plan was so easy to follow and also very satisfying that for the first time in my life I was able to lose my weight and change my shape as well as sticking to the exercise program.  This is a first for me as I am a total couch potato.

My Monday morning weigh in keeps me focused during the weekend and even when there have been slip ups (life happens and one can’t avoid all social occasions) the discussions with Ellissa-Mae, Tracy and Nola have been invaluable in my journey. I opted to weigh on Saturday as well because I did not trust myself to stay on track without the reality check of a chat, a laugh and doing the circuit.

After losing my weight I was able to go to a surgeon and request the operation which will address my imbalance. I am so looking forward to this next stage of my life where I can put aside my horror at the news that I had breast cancer. I love the way my body feels now, feeling healthy, having better posture, and a healthy outlook on life and nutrition.

You can’t imagine how it will change your life in so many different ways. Sometimes the changes are subtle and slow but if you remain focused on your goal you will get your reward and feel inspired to go further.


  1. Have a realistic goal to achieve.
  2. Have a realistic timeline. I gave myself a year.
  3. Access all that the program has to offer. Use the mentors that have all gone through the program, nutritional information, recipes and classes to suit your needs.  You will also meet some wonderful women also going through their own journey.  Learn from them too.