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Meet Sharon

Lost 42kg and 131cm.

I wanted to do something for myself. I have had a weight problem all my life and it has stopped me doing heaps of things. I want to be around and not miss out on all the major events in my family’s life eg wedding, births and grandchildren. It’s my time now.

I have more energy and can exercise daily. I can now go to normal shops to buy clothes and not be embarrassed by not fitting into things. I feel much healthier, plus I am proud of myself.

The staff at Healthy Inspirations keep me motivated and give me drive to keep going. The support is exceptional.

Due to being overweight all my life, I think I just resigned myself to the fact I would always be “fat”. I needed to do something dramatically because I was getting bigger. I can now say that going in to Healthy Inspirations was a life-changing experience. It has shown me how to eat healthier, never feel hungry, and completely satisfied. Exercise was a dirty word for me: now I have copious amounts of energy and exercise daily. I now have the motivation to get to my goal from all the support I receive and loving every minute of my journey.

Healthy Inspirations has taught me so much about my body and food. It’s the best supportive “women only” place. Go give it a go, you will enjoy it.


  1. You can achieve anything when you set your mind to it.
  2. Take the compliments, you work hard for them.
  3. You are never hungry and have energy to burn.

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