2022 Update:

Lost 12.8kgs, (14.41% of her body weight) and 36cms

When I look back to 2019, the year I joined Healthy Inspirations, the sudden death of my mum’s older sister may have been a trigger for me to get started. She died of a suspected heart attack and around that time, my blood pressure was high because I was quite overweight, and my doctor wanted to place me on blood pressure medication. I knew I needed to lose weight, and my aunt’s death had me thinking seriously about my overall health.

I had lost weight in the past, so knew that I could do it, but I also knew it would take a strong mind and determination to get the job done. I knew I’d have to dig deep and although I wasn’t too concerned about the process, I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. However, I was ready to commence the journey and was comfortable with the Healthy Inspirations program. I was comfortable using the fitness equipment, the idea of weekly 1 on 1 check-ins and accountability plus the centre is very convenient to where I live, which has always been very helpful.

As a result of following the program I feel very healthy. My diet is good, and I feel in control of where I am at from a health and lifestyle point of view. Being over 50, I know that it’s so important to be healthy and to keep the weight off. I know that the modifications to my diet and regular exercise are both necessary to stay as healthy as possible for the long term. My blood pressure is now where it should be, and I have avoided going on blood pressure medication. Another benefit of joining Healthy Inspirations is that I was required to reduce the amount of carbs I was eating – particularly bread and pasta, two of my favourites! Not long after reaching my goal weight, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Although this came as a bit of a shock, the transition to a gluten free diet was easier than I imagined and this was due to having already reduced my carb intake by quite a lot, through being on the Healthy Inspirations program. 

Even though I have reached my goal weight, the challenge for me is keeping it off for the long term and therefore it is so important to have the continued support of the Healthy Inspirations team. The weekly coaching is still very relevant as it keeps me on track and makes me think about the food that I eat and how it may affect my overall weight. I’ve also noticed that my cravings for unhealthy food have diminished. 

I have noticed that my body is stronger since regularly using the gym, and I also feel a lot more comfortable around my abdomen and waist. My legs and overall body are also thinner. 

Another added benefit of Healthy Inspirations Prospect is the amazing community of women that go there. It’s a really great place to belong to, plus the team always make you feel so good!

If you are thinking of starting the team at Healthy Inspirations will give you the support and encouragement to lose the weight and will be by your side throughout your weight loss journey. It is a proven way to lose weight – and keep it off!

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Stick to the program – follow the portion sizes and daily allowances and watch the weight come off.
  2. Make the dietary changes permanent – don’t go back to how you used to eat after you lose the weight. Keeping the weight off is just as important.
  3. I keep my lunch time vegetables and dinner vegetables separate in the crisper trays to help with quickly organising meals.