Lost 12.8kgs, (14.41% of her body weight) and 36cms

I knew I had to lose weight and my doctor wanted me to try, as I had high blood pressure and wanted to avoid medication if possible.  However, I kept on putting on weight and felt my eating was becoming out of control.  

It was late May this year and I saw a Healthy Inspirations Facebook post which a friend had commented on.  Living right behind the Centre, and having friends that are members there, I knew about what they did but it wasn’t until that moment that I was ready to take the journey.  

Once my mind was made up, and once I had joined, I found the eating plan to be very manageable and could still enjoy most of the food that I liked – although in smaller quantities and controlled portions.  I was eating, and still continue to eat, a lunch with plenty of protein and vegetables, cheese, a piece of fruit and a serve of carbs (normally a slice of multigrain bread). Along with the protein snacks in the morning and afternoon, I found I was not ravenously hungry when I got home from work – which was previously my ‘danger’ time with regards to eating.  The first few kilos came off very easily and I was losing a little bit of weight each week which helped to keep me motivated during the three months it took to lose the weight.  I also started doing the circuit twice weekly which I knew was part of the overall program and this  contributed to the weight loss. At times I found the program hard – particularly at social events – but overall, it seemed to work very well for me, and here I am!

First and foremost my blood pressure has reduced, and my doctor is happy for me to not go on medication.  I also feel a lot better in myself, have more energy and am generally feeling healthier.

Being held accountable for what I am eating and having a weekly one on one coaching session has been invaluable in losing weight.  The coaches have been very supportive and encouraging and I think the weekly sessions were definitely what I needed to help lose the weight, and what I will continue to need in order to keep it off for the long term.

I would say that it is well worth the investment of time and money and it not only provides the program and support to lose weight, but is also a great community Centre, with friendly staff and members. 

My Top Healthy Inspirations tips:

  1. Stick to the rules of the plan – if you stick to the rules you will lose the weight!  
  2. Plan ahead for at least 3 evening meals per week and also have everything you need on hand for lunches.