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Meet Simone

Lost 12.8kgs, (14.41% of her body weight) and 36cms

This is not the first weight loss journey I have been on!  My weight has been up and down for many years, and I have had success on other programs, but I have never managed to keep the weight off long term.  Two years ago, I also reduced my sugar intake but found that it did not help with long term weight loss.  My weight creeps on slowly and although I eat well, and like lots of healthy foods, I know that prior to joining Healthy Inspirations, my carb intake was very high.  I would often get home from work and be starving hungry.  I’d nibble constantly whilst cooking tea – and then eat a big meal, too! 

I live behind Healthy Inspirations and also have a few friends who are members, so definitely knew about the centre and often see the ladies exercising out the front.  However, I didn’t have the inclination to join until May this year.  My blood pressure was elevated, I was starting to feel like my eating was out of control and I was on the verge of being the biggest that I’d been for a while.  I saw a friend’s post on Facebook about Healthy Inspirations, and something just clicked. I knew I was mentally ready to lose weight – and to this time learn to keep it off long term.  I guess my biggest motivation at the time was to try and reduce my blood pressure without going on medication.

I find the program very flexible and didn’t really have any difficulties with adjusting to it, as I was preparing and eating similar food prior to joining.  For me it was more about portion control and cutting back the starchy carbs – particularly bread.  However, the program meant that I didn’t have to give up bread completely – just cut back!  I also found that having the protein snacks throughout the day helped me to feel fuller. Prior to starting the program, I’d have fruit as an afternoon snack whereas now I have fruit with my lunch and then a protein snack in the afternoon and have found that I’m no longer starving when I get home from work.  I guess the most difficult part was adjusting to no starchy carbs in my evening meal, but I soon became used to this and now that I have lost my weight this has been reintroduced as part of my on-going maintenance program. 

I feel a great deal of achievement and satisfaction losing weight and I love being able to fit back into clothes that had become too uncomfortable to wear. I’m really pleased that I’ve given myself another opportunity to stay fit and healthy – something that is very important to me as I’m getting older and it’s also great that my blood pressure has also reduced.

I’m determined to keep the weight off permanently as I feel that the healthy eating plan is sustainable for me in the longer term as I’m still able to eat food that I love.  I also know that the team at Healthy Inspirations are there to genuinely support my journey.

My Top 3 Healthy Inspirations tips:

  1. Stick to the plan: follow the recommended nutrition guidelines, weigh & measure your food, eat the protein snacks, participate in the circuit – and the weight will come off!
  2. I make sure I buy plenty of fruit and veg every week, as well as a variety of roasts (or other meats/proteins) that can be cooked up and used for lunches.  I have two crisper trays in my fridge and I now use one for lunchtime vegetables, and the other for dinnertime vegetables.  That seems to help me with my organisation.
  3. I find that if my meal planning is lacking, as long as I always have plenty of lunch supplies on hand, as well as the protein snacks, I will be okay, as I can plan what I’m having for dinner on the day if need be.  However, in saying that, it’s definitely helpful to plan at least 2-3 evening meals per week.