Lost 8kg and 29cm.

Before coming to Healthy Inspirations, I felt sluggish, tired and uncomfortable in my own skin. At 48, it was getting harder to fit into my clothes.

My first ‘wake-up call’ came one day last November, when I had to wear a suit for a work-related course; I could barely get that suit on, let alone do up the pants! Soon after, I had a second ‘wake-up call’, when changing in front of a mirror at work. As I put on my jeans, all I could see were my rolls of fat.

Fortunately for me, a friend gave me a Healthy Inspirations voucher for my birthday, prompting me to go along and get started. Now, since getting fit and reaching my goal weight, my favourite clothes slip straight on and I feel like a supermodel. I have more energy, self-esteem, and body-confidence. I feel so much sexier and happier – my husband is happier too! The romance in our relationship is definitely much better and yes the lights are on once again in the bedroom now!

I am so much more active and energetic nowadays. I walk the kids to school and then walk to Healthy Inspirations for a workout. When I don’t go, I feel sluggish and guilty.

Having someone closely monitor my progress and encourage me, made a world of difference. I’d never been a fan of weighing, but the weekly check-ins with a health coach helped me obtain my goal. I learned a lot about good nutrition, meal-planning and healthier choices when eating out.

My top tips:

• Stop finding excuses and do something physical

• Pre-organise your food and have healthy snacks like frittata muffins, mince-meat patties, nut muesli and zucchini hash browns ready to eat (note all Healthy Inspirations recipes just ask us for details)

• Don’t buy ‘treat foods’ that might tempt you in a weak moment

• No excuses when dining out; eat around the carbs, or just don’t order them

• Use a day off to prep some food

• Eat 5 times a day: 3 meals and 2 protein snacks

• Bring your own food to work

• Substitute:

– zucchini ribbons for pasta

– cauliflower ‘rice’ for normal rice

– parsnips for potatoes