Lost 13.5 kilos and 35 cm.

After falling into an unhealthy lifestyle over the past few years, I realised that I had become over weight and unhappy with my body image.

I finally found the motivation to do something about it, realising that dieting and losing a kilo here and there at home wasn’t working for me. I was very happy to find the support and dietary education available at Healthy Inspirations. Once I had found the courage to start my journey I found a new motivation and enjoyment in attending the classes.

I hadn’t experienced the struggle that involves losing weight before but the support from my family, friends and the team at Healthy Inspirations (especially Ellissa-Mae) has helped keep me focused with staying on track.

Now, half-way through my journey I’ve come to realise that conquering your own mental battle frees you to enjoy the physical benefits that training, combined with a healthy diet rewards you with.

I’ve been able to implement a healthy diet and promote physical activities within my family which is equally rewarding.

This is my story so far…