Lost 9.9 kilos and 34.5 cm.

After turning 70! I decided you’re never too old! Both our sons’ marriages broke down and we faced some major business challenges. I just wasn’t strong enough to keep my weight in check, but was sick of complaining and not doing anything about it! My neighbour talked me into coming along to Healthy Inspirations with her and after meeting Nola (wonderful!) I joined up just before Christmas last year.

Once I made the decision to commit I have embraced this process; a few glitches along the way have not deterred me. My doctor was very pleased with my weight loss especially at my age; preventing unnecessary health complications in the future!

My dress size has dropped. My confidence has increased and at 70 am feeling pretty good! All this with 4 month’s total away on overseas and interstate trips. I have increased energy, and my ability to deal with stress is much better!

Nola and her staff at Prospect are just amazing! So supportive with the weekly weigh-ins and advice. Love them and the atmosphere at the gym.

You need to do this for yourself! Not for anyone else. Treat yourself to some “me” time!


  1. You’re never too old to start.   
  2. Enlist the help of a friend: it helps!
  3. Don’t give up when you have a “set-back”! And don’t be afraid to ask Nola and girls for suggestions to keep on track.