Lost 11.4 kilos and 13.7% of her body weight in the 12 Week Beat the Winter Blues Challenge

I entered the challenge as I had found myself physically and mentally in a bad place. I had gained a lot of weight during the COVID pandemic, had sustained 2 stress fractures in my foot which would not heal properly so was forced to leave my job and stay off my foot for several weeks. When my foot fractures finally healed I found myself totally lacking all motivation. I felt depressed, my joints ached and I felt constantly fatigued. Fortunately for me I received an email from Ally at Frewville Healthy Inspirations offering me the opportunity as a past member to join the 12 week Beat the Winter Blues Transformation challenge. I thought to myself, what do I have to lose? So I decided to join and that is where my journey towards a healthier happy me began.

The beauty of joining the 12 week challenge was that it felt achievable. I knew it was long enough, if I remained committed to the eating plans and exercise, & with the support of my amazing coach Eileen, that significant results were entirely achievable. And I am living proof of that. I feel like a different person, happy, healthy and 11+ kilos lighter!

The benefits since starting the challenge have been amazing. I have so much more energy. I look forward to exercising every day. I enjoy the healthy eating and creating new and healthy meals, not just for me but for my family. My blood pressure which was bordering on hypertension is now well within normal range. My mindset has completely shifted. I feel positive and confident I have learned the skills to keep going on this journey. I now feel comfortable in my clothes, no longer constantly trying to cover up. I fully intend to continue on with the support of my coach, to lose a few more kilos with the ultimate goal of reaching and then maintaining my healthiest self.

My weekly check ins with my amazing health coach Eileen has been integral in keeping me accountable and motivated to continue on my path to success. I could not have done it without her. Her support, wealth of knowledge & tips ensured I stayed on track to reach my goals. In addition, I couldn’t leave without acknowledging Ally and the rest of her team. They are a wonderful group of women who make you feel welcome and supported at all times and I thank them all.

My Top 3 Tips

  1. Stick to the eating plan, it will soon become second nature. If your stuck for meal ideas just ask your coaches or access the website where there are dozens of recipes for every stage you are at. There is no excuse to get bored with your meals
  2. Don’t skip meals, this eating plan works! And drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol, it will sabotage your efforts.
  3. Plan ahead, always ensure you have suitable food options available so you won’t be tempted to eat unnecessary carbs. Lastly fill in your food journal daily. This helps you stay accountable and assists your health coach in identifying any issues that may arise and make adjustments accordingly.