Lost 6kgs and 21cm.

My 1 year old son had more energy than I could dream of and my youngest sister was getting married in December. Now I had no inclination to be the “Fat” in “Big, Fat Indian wedding”, so I sheepishly went to Healthy Inspirations to see if they could help me get into better shape.

I had walked past Healthy Inspirations everyday, but nearly 7 weeks ago I decided instead to go and find out how the programme worked. I was sceptical about being able to give up carbs and sugar and staying off them. But the planned meals, the recipes, and even the products are so well thought out that it makes the whole process very doable. I was quite daunted by the fact that I will have to constantly think about how to make my next meal appropriate, but the weekly meal plan and the planner just made easy work of it. And so, I have stuck to the diet and it’s working so well for me. In fact, I have managed to inspire my mum to try and do the same.

I have more energy (mind you the first couple of weeks were really hard) and my bloating and water retention are almost gone and all the protein has made my hair and skin glow.

The coaching keeps you honest and motivated. For me, the realisation that weight is just a number, but the inches lost are a reflection of your hard work, was a big reprogramming of my thoughts.

You don’t have to think about your meals, use the planner. Do your exercise and stay the course. You will be so happy with the result and you will have energy to burn. The program really does work and the support is great. It’s a caring, non-judgemental environment and you are in great company. Best decision I made.

My top tips:

  1. Go! Ask! Don’t be afraid/shy/think you might be judged.
  2. Have a support system, be it a whanau member or the whole whanau or a friend. Have somebody like-minded who will support your journey.
  3. Go easy on yourself. It’s not about the short-term day to day loss or gains. Look long term and if you slip up, don’t give up. Go have a chat, realise that it’s normal and stay the track. Be your best friend.