Lost 17.8kgs – that’s a whooping 21.89% of her body weight!

I have always been a thin person, ever since I was a child. Some people would say that I was too thin. As I hit my 30s and had my daughter I started to put on weight. First it was 5kg, 10kg then 15kg which was ok as I was still not considered overweight. But last year I gained an additional 13kgs in just 6 months and I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know how this happened. Having an Italian background, I have always loved my food and carbs but as I got older it obviously started to love me too. I tried all different things, but I just couldn’t lose the weight. I started to get depressed and hated the way I looked. 

My husband, being involved with Healthy Inspirations Prospect (he is their bookkeeper) always tried to get me to join but I was too embarrassed, and I thought I wasn’t the type of person to join a Health Centre but as I hit my low point, I decided to give it ago, what did I have to lose – weight! 

From my first phone call to my first meeting, the health coaches made me feel welcomed. They made me feel that I could achieve what I thought was unachievable.

With the list of foods I could eat and the recipes they gave me, I started planning my week and the foods I needed to achieve my goal. I got rid of most of the “wrong” foods from my pantry and replaced them with the “right” foods. The recipes were great, they showed me that I could still enjoy food. I was inspired and started creating my own recipes. I also started to google low-carb, no sugar recipes to get more inspiration so that I wasn’t bored with the meals I was eating. My family also started eating the meals I would eat. My weekly nutrition check-ins are always uplifting. Whether I had a great week or average week, the coaches always inspired me to keep going, that it was ok to have an off week, we are human not machines and sometimes we need to enjoy life.

I have now reached my goal weight and I feel fantastic, not only because I lost the weight but because I achieved my goal. I know now that I can achieve things that seem too hard – I just needed the right tools which Healthy Inspirations provided me.

My Top 3 Healthy Inspirations Tips:

  1. Planning your meals a week ahead makes it so easy to stick with your weight loss goal.
  2. Add flavour to your food, there are a lot of herbs and spices to use which help make your food taste great.
  3. Experiment with your meal options and mix it up – don’t stick to the same thing every week. Healthies have a lot of great recipes both online and at the centre.

Thank you Healthy Inspirations and to my Husband for inspiring me to join.