Lost 12.1kgs and 16.33% of her body weight 

Before I came to Healthy Inspirations I was feeling really frustrated as I was doing loads of exercise but could not shift any weight. I met Coach Nola on a hike, and we worked out I simply was not eating enough food. I decided then and there to get started at Healthy Inspirations as I really wanted to be in a healthy BMI range. I am a nurse and I see first-hand how over-eating and lack of exercise can lead to poor quality of life and even pre-mature death. I also suffer from an auto immune disease and I really wanted to be as healthy as I possibly could. 

Now I have lost over 12kgs and have a lot more energy. I simply do things easier and am enjoying life more. My younger colleagues at work always comment on how much more energy I have than them! Clothing wise I wear scrubs at work, but I really like to wear my bright clothes and enjoy how good my clothes now fit. I also recently had unplanned surgery and my recovery has been quick and uncomplicated as I am in better health. 

My tips for others would be to keep going and just do not give up. I found the first couple of months difficult as I did need to make some significant nutritional changes (due to having lupus I follow an anti-inflammatory diet free of both dairy and gluten).

I could have easily given up, but I am so glad I stuck with it. My advice would be to ask lots of questions and do whatever exercise you like to make sure you are moving. For exercise I like to use weights, do the classes, walk my dogs and hike and this has really worked around my shift work. The program is so flexible which is great, and I took the time to make this work for me and my lifestyle.

The program has given me the confidence to achieve my goal as I never thought I could achieve a healthy BMI range. The program has helped me be more organised and ensured food is a priority so that I am eating and planning better, as well has making healthier choices not just easy ones. 

My physician recently told me I look better now than 20 years ago!