Lost 22.1kg and 62cm

I joined HI Blackwood in January this year after driving past and seeing the sign. I filled in an online form and then had Jodi call me and we made an appointment for a consult, it was the best decision of my life. I was very overweight, weighing 107.7kg and a size 22 I was feeling very tired, had very little self-confidence and I hated clothes shopping as I could never get anything to fit me that I liked.

When I first joined H.I. I had to push myself to go 3 times a week, but once I started to notice the results, I found myself going 5 times a week. I have more energy and feel a lot healthier.  I even joined both of my daughters up, too, on exercise memberships which motivated me even more. We now attend 5 days a week including 2 PT sessions.

The weekly coaching keeps motivated and to be strict on myself with my eating and exercise routine. It also makes me push myself harder.

I am half way there to my goal weight. I have lost 22.1kg, 62 cms and I now fit into a size 12. My self-esteem has improved and I also joined my local CFS as a firefighter, which is something I would never have done prior to H.I.


  1. You have to work hard to achieve your goals but with the help and support of the H.I. team you can definitely do it.
  2. Make the decision and stick to it. If you fall off the wagon, get straight back up and keep going.