Lost 32.8kg.

I never thought I’d wear size 10 clothes again!

When I joined Healthy Inspirations I weighed 92.7kg.  I was fat, unhappy, unhealthy, unfit and wearing size 18 clothes.  Now, after losing 32.8kg, I enjoy shopping for clothes, meeting with friends and more importantly, feeling so much happier, healthier and fitter.

I had ongoing health issues following surgery and dreaded doctor’s visits, knowing they would say, “It would help if you could lose a little weight”.  Blood pressure was up through the roof as well and I was taking antibiotics continually for a recurring internal infection.

The turning point for me was, while on holiday in Canada, I got sick and was really scared.  Being so far away from home and the safety of my own doctors, I knew I had to act.

When I returned, my GP suggested I join a gym.  I had never been to a gym in my life!

I walked through the doors at Healthy Inspirations at the end of May weighing 92.7kg.  I lost 3kg in the first week, reached my second goal of 80kg 3 months later and third goal of 70g by Christmas.

Now I have reached my goal weight of 60kg and have kept it that way for 2 months.  I am really happy.  All my family and friends are amazed at the change.  I haven’t missed out on anything along the way, just cut out cheese, bread, chips and alcohol, in fact I seem to eat more but make smarter choices.  I still went out for lunch every week – even pub menus have healthy options.  Instead of wine, I have soda and bitters and really enjoy it.

Now I can wear clothes I like instead of having to cover the bulges.  I am happy to visit the doctors, knowing I’ve put in an effort to get fit and healthy.  My blood pressure is under control, in face the medication has been lowered by 2 doses and I feel great.

I really look forward to my visits to Healthy Inspirations – who would have thought exercising could be so much fun!