Healthy Inspirations Napier Owner, lost 9kgs in 11 weeks

We had a family portrait taken in Dec 2019, funnily enough the last time we were all together as the events of 2020 meant travel was out of the question, so we’ve not been able to repeat the photography. Looking at myself I could see I’d put on weight and I was feeling it in my knees, my overall energy levels had dipped dramatically. My hormones were playing havoc with my sleep patterns and food cravings. 

The stress and worry of running our business in COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 did not help at all and it was only this year when I finally got my head back around the desire to look and feel better. 

Although not a huge drinker, I went teetotal from Waitangi Day and started back on the Reset plan that I was advocating for everyone else. I did find a 00 alcohol & low carb lager which actually tasted like a lager which was great for social occasions and the hot afternoons after gardening and lawn mowing. 

I am someone who likes to weigh daily and I can fluctuate daily by anything from 200gms to 1 kg, so I can understand the frustrations our members have when they’re doing everything right but weight fluctuates up and down. Perseverance and understanding my body’s needs and reactions to the different foods kept me on track to my goal. 

I am really pleased that in a little over 11 weeks I lost 9kgs and best of all I fit a dress I had been wanting to wear out on our 30th Wedding anniversary in April 2021. I celebrated with one glass of wine and fine dining at a local winery. 

I continue to keep on plan and the focus now is being in an ideal weight range for my height and to keep my waistline trim to reduce the risks and ensure good health. I do have the odd indulgence but recognise the need to make it an occasional happening so that I can keep on track. If I indulged more than once I would see the results on the scales rapidly. 

So to all our lovely members, I do practice what I preach, so please keep your goal in mind and celebrate the successes and learn from the challenges as the results are rewarding.