Lost 12.2 kilos and 62 cms and kept it off for 4 years so far.

During the years I had put on weight because of the usual culprits. Once I had put on 5 kilos I hoped another few kilos wouldn’t show. And once it got to 10 extra kilos, the way back seemed too hard and tedious and my body happily kept putting it on as I yo-yo dieted through the years.

My inspiration to lose weight came from realising that being overweight and unfit made me look puffy and older in the face. I hated how every summer I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and I always seemed hot, sweaty and tired. Knowing that I wasn’t meant to be that big worried me. I wanted to be fit and look good when on the dance floor with my husband.

Stepping through the door at Healthy Inspirations is like taking your first step to a meeting at Alcoholics Anonymous or similar. You are saying “I am overweight and under fit¨. You have begun your journey towards a good life!

It seems that I usually have to lose 5 kilos before others notice the change. The thing is to then keep going and not ‘rest on your laurels’ because sure enough, it will creep back on. The next 5 kilos are hard, but once you are there, you are so different!

Previously my commitment to exercise had gone by the board with full time work and 4 children. The recrafting of my life after retirement has made me put my exercise routine as a central part of every day. I would never have imagined that I could feel so committed to exercise.

I started to let a few kilos creep back on after 4 years with HI and realised I was a bit bored with my eating plan. I swapped to their other plan and things really took off again. I have the right combinations worked out for my body now.

Losing weight has changed my life. I am fitter now that I was in my 40’s and 50’s. Some days at the gym, during high intensity classes, I feel so proud of what I have been able to get my body to do.

I love food and I love cooking so surfing the Internet for great recipes and ideas is a joy to me and many of the recipes provided by HI fit right in with what I like to eat and feed others. Summer is no longer a problem for me. I am comfortable, my clothes fit well and I can wear summer outfits with confidence. I don’t lose energy like I used to and I do feel good on the dance floor!

My Top 3 Healthy Inspirations tips:

  1. Spend only one day ‘off plan’ and then get back onto your plan
  2. Enjoy the foods available and the combinations you can make
  3. Exercise and dance like there is no-one watching, but eat like the whole world is watching just you!