May 18, 2016

Many of us have given up on long-held dreams simply because believe we’re now too old. While we’re obviously too old to win the under 12 100m at the school sports carnival, most other health and fitness dreams are achievable.

Any goal starts with a wish, which progresses to a plan, and is achieved with action.

So what if you’re overweight, unfit and over 50. Does that mean that for the next however many years you’ll be unhappy and uncomfortable? Do something! You are definitely not too old.

So many people find that their gradually declining health, or gradually increasing aches and pains, is simply a consequence of aging. While aging does have an impact, inactivity and poor lifestyle choices have a much bigger impact.

What people do on a daily basis is made up of the choices they make. Nothing happens without making a choice. You can choose to set an alarm for an early walk. You can choose to say no to donuts for morning tea. You can choose eat vegetables.

Age does not dictate choices. Thoughts and beliefs do. If you think you’re too old to make change, you’ll be right. Those people who live amazing lives well beyond the time that their peers have been consigned to nursing homes (or worse), never had the belief that they were too old. They just live full and positive lives.

If they can have this attitude, why can’t you?

If you want to lose weight, lose weight. If you want to run, run. If you want to touch your toes, do it. Work toward your goals. Whatever you do, don’t tell yourself that you’re too old.

How do you start?

Step 1 – Isolate your goal

Your goal might be to lose 10kg, or to run 5km, or perhaps both. It might be to eliminate bloating, or improve dry skin, or combat the effects of menopause. Whatever your goal, name it and write it down.

Step 2 – Decide on a plan

Your goal will help here. For fitness and weight loss you might use a structured program, such as Healthy Inspirations. The structure means that you don’t have to make it up yourself, or go to any real effort in researching options. Who’s got time for that?

Step 3 – Take action…

… and continue to take action. Take tiny steps, with tiny expectations of what you can achieve in the short term. A long-term goal of losing 10kg or being able to run a half marathon won’t happen this week (or even this month). Be realistic, be prepared for ups and downs, and be resilient. Stick to the plan.

Be a role model for your family and reduce the burden you feel by thinking you’re too old. Be strong and positive and active, and above all develop a youthful attitude toward what you can achieve.