There is not a day goes by that I do not receive a text, a message or a phone call from a Lismore member asking "When will the Lismore centre re-open?"

Please see the letter below for an update.

Warm regards and thanks, Charmaine

Hello Lismore and Casino ladies,

I hope this email finds you all fit and well, and for those that I see from time to time out shopping or in the supermarket, I do appreciate seeing your faces and having a quick chat.

The past few months have been very busy with discussions with a very interested party to re-start the new Healthy Inspirations centre in Lismore. A really fabulous location was identified in Conway Street and after many weeks in dialogue with Council produced a result that was positive. However, after all this work, the new prospective owner’s finance fell through. This has been devastating for the potential purchaser, whom I believe would have made an excellent owner for the business moving forward.

I would love to re-open myself but with Mike working away and the potential that we may make a permanent move back to Tamworth in the next 2 years, leaves my short-term future up in the air.

So, Mike and I are keen to find a local woman or perhaps a couple of ladies (or a husband and wife team), who love the concept of Healthy Inspirations and are at a place in their life where they would like to take on this opportunity. To make it easier, we are offering vendor financing to the right person(s).

The Casino nutrition-coaching-only business would be included in the sale. I am currently working there all-day Thursday and on Fridays until 2pm and looking after 30+ members. I love these two days and would offer my services to the new owner on these days to help with the transition period and provide extra training for the new location in Lismore, or I could continue the Casino service until another staff member is trained up. Most of the fully trained Lismore staff members would also be delighted to help out in whatever capacity was required. There’s also full training and support from our wonderful franchisee support team.

We are all committed to the program and the offering: not just the unique weight loss program and the exercise offerings, but the personal touch that so many of you valued, is what makes Healthy Inspirations so special.

I am so proud to say that to date, over 1,000 local women have lost 10,930 kilos following the program at Healthy Inspirations Lismore. For so many it has been life-changing and yet there are so many more women in Lismore who want to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy in a women’s only environment.

The downstairs location in Market Street, or the flood-protected Auditorium upstairs is still available with leasing incentives from the Landlord. The new location in Conway Street is still available but terms and conditions would have to be re-negotiated.

The franchise support office in Brisbane is available to help new owners setting up a new centre. Last year Healthy Inspirations was re-branded with new logo, icon, colours, marketing and programming plus the option to include 24/7 Access and Virtual Classes as well. All the office furniture and equipment are in good condition and included in the sale.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested to investigate the opportunity to become part of the Healthy Inspirations family please call the franchisor Jamie Hayes on (07) 3177 0842 or 0418 281 126, or email him See link below. He will be happy to answer any questions you have about the business.

Warm regards and thanks,


PS: I hope you’re sticking with your healthy eating plan we developed with you. It will help you maintain a healthy weight.

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For enquiries about the Healthy Inspirations business, please contact

Jamie Hayes - Phone  (04) 1828 1126


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