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Fears and frustrations - we understand them and have solutions!

Do you ever find yourself saying...

"I tried everything and nothing works." CLICK FOR STRATEGIES

I know how frustrating it is when you've tried so hard and are just not getting the results you are trying to achieve. I have been there myself and now understand that it takes a combined effort. What I have come to realise is that there are plenty of solutions out there (you just need to Google it and hope it doesn't make your head spin), but these solutions don't combine the multi-factorial need of a successful and maintainable weight loss program.

  • Everyone is different - The "One Size Fits All" approach is one of the key factors why we often don't succeed. Everyone's body will react differently and knowing how to adjust your nutritional intake is a key to success.
  • Support and Accountability - giving you a plan to follow without the support and accountability of a coach, is like giving a student a text book without a teacher. Most of us will just not stick with it long enough to make a difference.
  • Education is most important - understanding basic nutritional recommendations, even just at the macro nutrient level will boost your self confidence, so no matter where life takes you, you can make informed and educated decisions.

"I start things and then lose motivation really quickly." CLICK FOR STRATEGIES

Motivation is great for getting started, but it doesn't last. Getting your mindset right and developing new lasting habits is the key to long term success. It's habit's that will see us win the long game and the accountability of a coach will see you achieve exactly that. Your mindset is influenced by many factors including the people in your life, so make sure that you have a great support network, like you will find at Healthy Inspirations, both with the coaches as well as other members.

  • Get a coach - a good coach will support you along the way and give you a swift kick when needed. Our health coaches will keep you accountable to yourself.
  • Surround yourself with like minded people - now if your immediate network of friends and family aren't supportive or encouraging, then look elsewhere, like a private Facebook group of ladies that are all on the same journey.
  • Get a buddy - Having a friend to talk to and relate to, can be a very powerful tool. Often these buddies are found by chance through the network you create.

"I want to look good and get my confidence and self-esteem back." CLICK FOR STRATEGIES

I know how low I felt when I was at my heaviest. Nothing fits and I didn't want to go anywhere. Normal clothes shops just don't have anything for me and both my confidence and self-esteem plummeted. Vanity is often looked at as a negative, but I'm here to tell you that it's a great tool that can help you get to your goals.

  • Right Mindset - once you are on a program that's getting you results, you get your confidence and self-esteem back.
  • Vanity - this is a great tool when applied correctly. There is nothing wrong in wanting to look and feel good. Use it to your advantage.

"I'm embarrassed that I have not been able to maintain a healthy weight and often feel judged!" CLICK FOR STRATEGIES

Let me tell you, you are NOT alone! I used to be so embarrassed and ashamed of my weight!  I didn't enjoy life, or wanted to even socialise because of it. I always thought that others would judge me on my appearance (which I unfortunately know does happen). I hated feeling like a failure. What I learned is that when you find the right program, with the right support and network, it changes everything. Yes, I'm not at my goal weight yet, but I have found a place where there is NO Judgment, even when I'm not compliant with the program, because hey, life happens! It's so empowering to be surrounded with like minded ladies, that are encouraging and supportive on my journey to a better, healthy and slimmer life!

  • At Healthy Inspirations everyone is on the same journey and it's not a competition
  • There is NO Judgement at Healthy Inspirations at all! All our members agree with this statement

"I have family and I don't want to make separate meals." CLICK FOR STRATEGIES

Neither do I! I have 3 small children as well as a fussy husband to consider, and any program that requires me to cook separately, just isn't going to last. In fact, if I have to spend more than 30 minutes in the kitchen to cook a meal, it just turns me off! As much as I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new foods, if I need to find 100 different ingredients and use more than 2 pots/pans, I'm out! Give me something that's simple and easy to do, and then I know I will be able to do it.

So always look for something that, at its basic, can be followed by anyone.

  • Family friendly meals - one meal that suits everyone
  • Easily accessible - fresh supermarket food
  • Quick and simple meals - we're not all master chef contestants and don't have hours to spend in the kitchen. Check out some of the recipes on our site here, and there are so many more when you are a member.

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What the program involves


More than a diet, you get a personalised eating plan based on real food. You'll learn how to lose weight, using food from your local supermarket, and receive healthy quick recipes that you and your family can enjoy together.

Our members are amazed that they steadily lose weight without being hungry.

Some say that a 'diet' is the last thing you would call it! Developed by a leading Australian dietician who specialises in healthy eating plans targeted towards women.


Through the program you will find yourself immersed in the strong online community of likeminded people with weekly video chat support from your Health Coach - which might prevent you falling off the wagon.


You will learn what works for your body as everyone has their own individual tolerance levels for different foods.

This program is all about education so you know exactly what to do to maintain a healthy and happy life.

One-on-one coaching - online

Giving you an eating plan and telling you to exercise is like giving a student books without a teacher.

That’s why the Healthy Inspirations program includes support with short weekly one-on-one video coaching sessions. This will help you reach and maintain your healthy weight goal.

Our members often say that it is our coaching that made the big difference compared to other things they have tried.

Exercise in the privacy of your home  - optional

The exercise program options are designed to provide the best exercise for women of all ages wanting a better shape. Not only will you be slimmer, you'll be firmer too. They are designed for all ages and all fitness levels. You go at your own pace.

Our on-demand, do-it-at-home sessions are a part of your membership, so there are no hidden fees. Some are just 10 minutes, so you can fit them in even if busy. 

Our special women's exercise protocol burns more calories and gives you a firmer body in less time.

9 KILOS - 6 WEEKS FREE Challenge!  Interested to learn more?  Register NOW

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9 KILOS - 6 WEEKS FREE Challenge!  Interested to learn more  Register NOW

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