March 2, 2017

It’s often easy to focus on the things that are going wrong in life, and so it may be helpful to look at the story of a young woman who shows that overcoming obstacles is possible once you make up your mind. Billie, from Frewville SA, is a past Slimmer of the Year winner, and we think she’s pretty inspirational:

Billie, from Frewville SA, is a past Slimmer of the Year winner

“2014 was a tough year for me, after tragically losing both my sister and brother in February and May of that year unexpectedly.

My sister left behind four beautiful children that I now help to care for with my parents. Through this huge upturn in our family, I found comfort in food and work. I kept my self very busy working 3 part-time jobs and studying full-time. I had always been overweight since my early teenage years; however, I had gained even more by the end of that year through grief, and simply not prioritising my own needs.

I was physically and emotionally exhausted, always reaching for food to gain energy. One morning on my way home from work, I fell asleep at the steering wheel. I realised I had suffered a huge sugar drop after eating a bag of lollies on night shift, and this was my wake-up call that something had to change. It was this same week that my friend invited me to a class at Healthy Inspirations, and so my journey began!

It has been a fun but challenging experience with endless shift work and family commitments, all while trying to complete my degree! I set a goal to achieve my weight loss by the time I graduated as a Registered Nurse. I was looking forward to wearing the dress of my dreams for the Graduation Ball, and savour the moment with all of my beautiful nursing sisters. That night, I had achieved my goal and was able to celebrate the two greatest achievements of my adult life!

I am a huge believer of being the change I want to see in the world. As a nurse, I wanted to achieve health and practice what I preached! This will always keep me accountable and motivated to inspire others by being true to myself. The happiness effect of weight loss is contagious, and people around me have been inspired to make changes in their life too. Already, my Mum has lost 12 kg in the last 3 months by following the Healthy Inspirations reset program!

I have come to realise the incredible capability of the human body. Not only of my own body, but that of the whole family at Health Inspirations! The women here are of all ages and backgrounds, and each member has their own story to tell. We inspire each other with flowing positive energy and acknowledge each little win. Women banding together as a powerful force is a catalyst for success!”