January 9, 2014

So many of us start the year with great intentions but little idea of how to accomplish our goals. One of the most common new year intentions is to lose weight: unfortunately for many people, they lose little or no weight. Why?

If the desire to lose weight is a wish or a want – “I wish I was slim” or “I want to lose 5kg” – it’s not likely to happen. There is no plan of action, no step-by-step process in place for how to make the wish a reality.

If losing weight is one of your goals for 2014, you need to develop an Action Plan, just as you might for any other important goal in your life.

Here’s your 2014 Action Plan:

1. Take time to set new goals for the coming year. You should start by writing down your goals, in the present tense as though they have already happened.

“I weigh 70kg. I look and feel amazing and I am getting compliments from my friends. I love the new choices I have at my favourite clothing store and feel more confident, healthy and alive than I have in years. Life is great!”

Remember that writing your goals down won’t make them a reality. Display your written goals somewhere you can be reminded of them often, and most importantly, take steps every day to reach those goals. If you have a slip-up, refocus on your goals and take another step – this time in the right direction.

2. Do something every single day to move toward your goals. Every single day! Having a ‘day off’, for most people, leads to two days, a week, a month… This is not to say that you can’t make a mistake, but it does mean that if you make a mistake you can’t think “Oh well, I’ll start again on Monday”. Start again immediately after you recognise that you made the mistake.

3. Be prepared to push yourself. No one ever lost weight taking the easy route. Success isn’t easy, but great results require great ambition and consistent action. It’s when you feel most unlikely to succeed that true breakthroughs can occur, so don’t allow frustration or disappointment to sabotage your goals. Just as importantly, don’t allow celebrations to sabotage your goals.

4. Don’t be afraid to dream big. All successful people dream big. They imagine what their future could be – and then they go out and create it. Never stop dreaming, and never give up on achieving your dreams.

5. Have razor sharp focus. Focus on what you want to accomplish – not on what you are afraid of. Your fears will hold you back, but your focus will keep you moving forward during even the toughest times.

6. Follow a plan for your nutrition, your exercise, and most importantly for your support. Healthy Inspirations will be more than happy to help you achieve your goals in 2014 and beyond.

7. Take a big leap. We all recall standing at the edge of a pool. “Will I or won’t I jump in? I don’t know. I can’t decide.” Then something inside you pushes you forward and you sense the exhilaration of diving in and feeling the water catching you. Don’t hesitate. Do it for yourself and do it now. You’ll be relieved you made the start.