May 9, 2013

There’s a lot of hype going around about avoiding all cereals and grains, or at least the grains (wheat, rye and barley) that contain gluten.

So where does Healthy Inspirations stand on this issue? We don’t!

However, we know who the expert is and it’s your own body. It’s likely that you are not celiac. This means that you have an acute allergic reaction to the tiniest amount of gluten. Most people with celiac disease know it.

But where celiac disease is like the visible part of the iceberg, there are many people who’s bodies are more comfortable not eating grains and foods containing gluten.

So how do you find out? That’s one reason we introduced our new ‘Reset’ plan, where we have a step by step process where your body tells you what foods (or food components like gluten) suit your body and what does not. Since we’ve introduced it, we’ve been amazed by the number of people who say “I feel so much better.” or “I haven’t felt this good in years.” or “I though that the way I felt was NORMAL!”

Then there is the question of the foods labelled “gluten free”. While on our Reset plan we get members to avoid all these foods as well.

In giving this advice, we’re not saying to the world to remove a whole food group. We’re simply saying that it’s a great thing to have a process to discover what suits your body. Don’t be surprised if close family members have entirely different responses to different foods.

One important thing with your diet (way of eating) is to ensure you get loads of nutrients, and so we’ll be encouraging you to increase your veggies. And to keep your total intake in control we’ll tell you which fruits have the highest nutrient density and the lowest energy density.

In the end – one diet does NOT suit every body. Finding the diet is a voyage of discovery and the prizes are great. Why not start your voyage now!