June 23, 2022

Start Small. Start Right. Stay Consistent.

Embarking on a weight loss program requires the combination of many things. In the past, diet and exercise were the go-to things to adjust when the thinking of ‘Calories-in Calories-out’ was the simplistic formula for how to lose weight. Just eat less and exercise more! Who hasn’t tried that?

For many this simply did not work and as the world population continued getting bigger and bigger other ways of losing weight based on research and science have been gaining momentum.

Highly processed foods have replaced traditional foods and more take-home meals have made it easier to fit in with the lifestyle of working families. Many of these pre-made meals are higher calorie than home-cooked meals with extra fat and hidden sugar to add flavour. Good fat like olive oil was replaced with cheaper versions of fat including highly processed vegetable oils like Canola or margarines.

We were fed the message that if we “eat fat we would get fat” so food producers were all focused on low fat versions of anything ranging from cereals and biscuits to ice creams and desserts. In many cases the fat taken out was replaced with a version of sugar to maintain taste.

As a result of these highly processed and high calorie foods waistlines continued to expand, along with an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, seen for the first time in children as well as adults.

While alcohol drinkers were vulnerable to fatty liver disease, we now see children getting non-alcohol fatty liver disease, caused by the foods and drinks they are consuming.

Enter the Low Carb movement. Many people have not yet understood that this way of eating is very similar to how our ancestors ate. They lived on the land and ate animal protein from hunting and farming, and vegetables they grew or could access, and only those that were in season and local. Their jobs were more physical than sitting at a desk and their sleep was often deep and uninterrupted due to physical activity and access to daily sunshine and fresh air.

But that was then. Let’s look at 3 ways to help you switch-on your weight loss brain in 2022.

1.Start Small

Most people will have to make some or many changes to get their desired results. It’s also worth embarking on a program that will be sustainable and long-term and that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. This means that you may not lose those extra kilos as quickly as you would like, but if they stay off, then what a great outcome for you.

Start small could be focusing on 3 things to change at one time. This will reduce your decision fatigue and allow you to focus on what is the most important priority right now. 

Write these 3 things down every night to set yourself up for success the next day. 

Some examples could be:

  • Food focus – cook double at night and have leftovers for lunch
  • Sleep routine – go to bed early, hot shower, journal, cup of herbal tea and read 10 pages of a book
  • Activity – after every main meal take a 10 to 20 minute walk

2.Start Right

Focus your attention on what you want to achieve and keep focused. Your attention is a limited resource so use your thoughts to focus on who you will become, how you will look and feel, what you will be able to wear, what you can do with renewed energy and health. 

Written goals, vision statements, picture boards, before photos, clothes you want to get back into all help with keeping focus. Don’t rely on internal motivation.

Stay close to your supporters, be it your coach or those family and friends who support your journey. Express gratitude to those you care for. 

You may have to temporarily avoid or set rules for any ‘friends’ who might encourage you to consume foods and drinks not on your plan. 

3.Stay Consistent

Done is better than perfect. Reward yourself when you have small wins, including non-weight wins. Have routines that work for you. It may mean that you don’t go out drinking with friends but you may have a walk and talk with them instead. We all have bad days so don’t beat yourself up if you have one. Just dust yourself off and get back on-plan.

Fill your time with activities and do things that lead you closer to your goal. Listen to podcasts on healthy lifestyles, learn how to grow your own herbs, become a meal-prepper, enrol in a new type of exercise class every term, try dance classes, learn to ride a bike. The list is endless so find something that takes you off the couch and engages you in joyful play.

Confidence and success come from completion. 

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