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Meet Bec

Lost 16.6kg and 51.5cm so far. This is by far the best and most friendly gym I’ve been to the staff are amazing and so helpful I owe so much to them Michelle you are amazing. “Today I have reached 40% of my goal weight. Thanks to the support of Healthy Inspirations. It is huge […]

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Meet Julie G

Lost 20kg in 17 weeks. I needed help to lose weight and one of my customers told me how much she had lost through Healthy Inspirations so I thought, ‘Let’s have a go’. From day 1, weighing at least 3 times a week, measurements coming down so quick. I remember I lost 20kg in 17 […]

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Meet Julie

Lost 12.4kg and 48cm. I am so thankful to Michelle and her staff for their encouragement & support.  The healthy eating plan was so easy to follow and I’m looking forward to maintaining my goal weight for the rest of my life. Favorite

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Meet Jenny

Lost 12.2kgs and 45cms. I had a bike accident a few years ago and finished up with compressed fractures of my vertebrae. I needed to lose weight and strengthen muscles around the spine and general overall body strength, mobility and endurance. Favorite

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