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Meet Mary C

Lost 19.3kg and 55cm. Since achieving my goal weight, my blood pressure and cholesterol have both come down and I feel much more energised and happier. Favorite

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Meet Janine R

Lost 6.2kg and 23cm. I had been putting on few kilos each year since I turned 50. I then fractured a rib and could not exercise for a few months while waiting for it to heal. That stacked on a few more kilos!  I didn’t feel like I was eating that much – less than […]

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Meet Rebecca

Lost 14.6kg and 50.5cm. I have struggled with my weight and eating since a teenager. I had a lap band put in and that helped but didn’t totally. My friend was losing weight and looking great. I asked what she was doing: Healthy Inspirations. Since my journey with exercise and the food program I look […]

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Meet Shelley H

Lost 26.4kg. I was following a very strenuous exercise program and wasn’t getting the results I wanted due to bad eating habits and my health was suffering. I needed a supportive program with the correct type of exercise and a healthy eating plan. That is exactly what Healthy Inspirations offered me. Favorite

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Meet Madeleine

Madeleine before and after

Lost 5.9kg and 28cm   One day I woke up tired, irritable & looked like a tubby old lady. On the Reset program I was inspired – I made a plan, I embraced it and I achieved it. Favorite

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Meet Marie

Marie before and after

Lost 8.5kg and 31.5cm   I needed to lose weight for my son’s wedding and a friend recommended Healthy Inspirations. I lost 8.5kgs in the 2 months of December & January! It’s a great program, easy to follow and it works! Favorite

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Meet Dorothy

Dorothy before and after

Lost 16.6kg and 53.5cm   I’m currently 74 years old. When I joined in February I was horrified with myself. Five months later I have lost 16.6kg and the weight is still falling off. I feel a totally different person – more energy and love being able to wear smaller clothes again. Favorite

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