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Meet Jenny G

Lost 9.3kg and 38cm. I love having the energy and confidence to get out there and live life.  I did this for me, with the support of the lovely ladies at Healthy Inspirations.  Thank you!

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Meet Colleen B

Lost 10.2kg and 47cm. I was feeling tired and flat, was overweight and wanted to change my unhealthy eating habits. With Healthy Inspirations, the weekly support helped keep me on track. I found by sticking to a strict routine of food and exercise that I lost weight and I now feel good about myself. I […]

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Meet Lee-anne G

Lee-anne before and after

Lost 23.1kgs and 72cms   I started at Healthy Inspirations to lose weight, but within the first few weeks the health benefits began to add up as well. My aches and sore muscles have gone, so has my snoring.

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Meet Sharon P

Lost 40kg and 126.5cm. Coming to Healthy Inspirations has been the best decision of my life. The trainers are fantastic and they make my journey so much easier.

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Meet Allira

Lost 23.9kg and 85cm. After having three babies in four years, my body was both physically and mentally in need of an overhaul.

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Meet Chris F

Lost 12.7kg and 42cm. I feel more self-confident. If I can make this life change anyone can. I did it!

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Meet Jodi B

Lost 34.4kg and 86cm. My daughter motivated me to start, The team at Healthy Inspirations kept me focused and motivated.  Now I’m keeping on track.  If I can do it you can too.

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Meet Loretta

Lost 43kg and 142.5cm. I saw an ad for Healthy Inspirations in the paper and thought “What the heck, I’ve got nothing to lose except a heap of weight and I’ve tried everything else.” I was sceptical to start with because everything else that I had tried, I was unable to sustain for the long […]

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Meet Megan

Megan before and after

Lost 55kg and 197cm.   Healthy Inspirations gave me back my confidence, it has changed my life and inspired me to help others to make a healthier lifestyle change.

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