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Meet Dallas B

Dallas B Before and After

Lost 27.1 kilos and 89.5 cm. One of my good friends once told me, “Dallas, you will find what works for you”, and sure enough I found Healthy Inspirations. I have been on the merry go round of weight loss for over 20 years. I have tried everything, all diets, plans, you name it, I’ve also […]

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Meet Caroline McE

Caroline before and after

Lost 10.6 kilos and 69.5 cm. After many years of slowly putting on weight and increasingly feeling unhealthy and uncomfortable in my skin, I knew it was time to make a change. When I received a birthday message offering a free trial from Healthy Inspirations, I knew this was my chance to embrace a new me. […]

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Meet Sarah K

Lost 13.7 kilos and 51 cm. 15 years ago, I had breast cancer and although the treatment (surgery and radiation) was successful, my affected breast was nearly 2 sizes smaller than the healthy one.  A year ago, I decided that it was time to address the imbalance in my body as well as my body image.  […]

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Meet Marianne S

Marianne before and after

Lost 30 kilos and 100 cm. In 2015 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis which substantially impacted my mobility making it difficult to exercise without pain. This led to an upward spiral with my weight further diminishing my self-esteem. In January 2017 after I had my arthritis pain and medication under control I joined Heathy Inspirations […]

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Meet Sonia J

Sonia before and after

Lost 13.5 kilos and 35 cm. After falling into an unhealthy lifestyle over the past few years, I realised that I had become over weight and unhappy with my body image. I finally found the motivation to do something about it, realising that dieting and losing a kilo here and there at home wasn’t working for […]

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Meet Alex

Alex before and after

Lost 13.5 kilos and 36cm. I feel like I’ve been on a diet my whole life! I’ve been on all the weight loss programs over the last 25 years & I honestly believe that the program I’m following at Healthy Inspirations gives me the flexibility to enjoy my life & not feel like I’m on […]

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Meet Angela

Angela before and after

Lost 21.1kgs and 80.5cms   About February 2011 I started admitting I needed a thorough makeover of my diet and my lack of exercise (I could not exercise with the brain injury I had because it caused me to fall over for no good reason and that was for about five years). The girls at […]

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Meet Salina

Lost 15kg and 69cm. On my first visit to HI, I didn’t feel pressured to make a commitment that I couldn’t keep. Instead the consultant explained to me how the healthy eating plan and exercise worked and helped me set realistic and attainable goals. At first I found it difficult to be motivated. It takes me […]

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Meet Barb

Becoming older is unavoidable, but to keep fit, eat well and enjoy life is a choice! I joined Healthy Inspirations just over twelve months ago, love the staff and atmosphere and with their encouragement decided to try the weight loss plan. I had my 70th birthday in October and think I was in denial about […]

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Meet Simone

Lost 8kg and 29cm. Before coming to Healthy Inspirations, I felt sluggish, tired and uncomfortable in my own skin. At 48, it was getting harder to fit into my clothes. My first ‘wake-up call’ came one day last November, when I had to wear a suit for a work-related course; I could barely get that […]

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