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Meet Karen D

Lost 33.3 kilos and 90.5 cm People often ask me, why now?  What was my motivation to lose weight and get fitter after years of good intentions but little achievement?  My inspiration, my goal to lose weight became more of a plan rather than just a thought, when our family and friends decided to pack our […]

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Meet Tania

Lost 6kgs and 21cm. My 1 year old son had more energy than I could dream of and my youngest sister was getting married in December. Now I had no inclination to be the “Fat” in “Big, Fat Indian wedding”, so I sheepishly went to Healthy Inspirations to see if they could help me get […]

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Meet Gail W

Lost 17kgs and 50cm and kept it off for 10 years! I joined Healthy Inspirations in 2008 and lost 17kg and 50cm overall in 6 months and 10 years later I have managed to maintain my goal weight, with the continued support I get from the team. The food plans Healthy Inspirations have are very […]

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Meet Rachel S

Lost 37kgs and 107.5cm. I am a Scout leader who loves getting involved and doing all the kids do, too. I have always been an active person but have struggled with my weight my whole life. About 2 years ago we gathered at our Scout Den for a formal occasion; on my Scout shirt went […]

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Meet Robyn J

Robyn before and after

Lost 29kgs and 78.5cm in 6 months. I was tired of feeling overweight, fatigued and generally just not feeling good about myself.  I knew I could do better, so I decided to call Healthy Inspirations.  I’m so happy with my results.  I have maintained my goal weight now for 6 months.  I love my workouts […]

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Meet Karen C

Lost 28 kilos and 75 cm – 2017 Slimming Story of the Year I have come from walking around with a cane at age 51, and a hip replacement operation in October 2016 after suffering from arthritis for 8 years, to having the energy of a 30 year old. I have become a very regular gym […]

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Meet Jennifer F

Lost 16.3 kilos and 45 cm. I have been a member of H.I. for many years. My weight has fluctuated, but last year I noticed my knees were becoming sore, I was working at a job that required me to start very early in the morning, I felt permanently “jetlagged”!  So, after visiting a physiotherapist and […]

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Meet Alison R

Lost 17kg and 53cm. I started February 2017. I weighed 70.8 kg and I’m not a tall lady. I felt sad and lonely, lack of motivation. I decided after breaking up with my kids’ dad I wanted a better life for them and myself. Most family members on my dad’s side have died of heart […]

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Meet AJ

Lost 12.6kg and 30cm. After 2 years of dating the most amazing man, he proposed!!! All my dreams were coming true, but imagining myself in a beautiful gown at the weight I was…that was a nightmare! I knew that I had to change my habits. Both my parents struggle with their weight and tried different […]

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Meet Claire E

Claire before and after

Lost 26kg   I was desperate when I found the Healthy Inspirations advert. I have struggled with my weight and food addiction all my life. Now this programme and my coaches guiding me through this process has been invaluable and life-changing. I am happy and healthy, having to be accountable has been a key for […]

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