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Meet Pauline E

Lost 17.8kg and 68.5cm. Hi, I am Pauline E. I am 52 and come from Tenambit. I am a mother of 4 children, Married, and work part-time. I found it hard to find time for myself but one day I decided I needed to do something for me. My sister was going to Healthy Inspirations […]

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Meet Lu Mc

Lost 12.1kg and 44.5cm to date… After always living an active and fit life in the dance industry in my younger years, then settling down to raise my family, I found that family life took over and my priorities changed which lead to a decrease in exercise. I then started my own dance school which […]

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Meet Lisa W

The best thing I’ve done is to join Healthy Inspirations Maitland and take care of myself. I feel the best I’ve ever felt! The staff are so supportive and it’s exactly what you need to succeed. Favorite

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Meet Kay T

Healthy Inspirations ticked all the boxes – support and encouragement, diet, exercise, education – and had my doctor’s recommendation. I have increased my understanding of food groups, what I eat and when – become more conscious of my water intake, sleep and stress levels – increased my activity – feel more comfortable within myself and […]

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Meet Jeanette W

Lost 45.5kg and 159cm. I’d always felt pretty self-conscious about my size. When my daughter announced she was getting married, I decided I wanted to lose weight – not just for the wedding, but also to keep up with my six grandkids. Most importantly though I wanted to do it for myself. I ran into […]

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Meet Irene F

Lost over 40kg. I had been watching Jeanette for quite some time at Bingo and saw how great she was doing. She was and still is such an inspiration. I thought that if she could do it, so could I. When I saw the Healthy Inspirations stall at Rutherford shopping Centre, I thought to myself […]

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