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Meet Carol P

Lost 7.3 kgs and 33.5 cms  (13cms from her waist alone). “I started my journey with Healthy Inspirations because I wanted to be fit and healthy. So simple but not always easy to achieve. My thanks to the ladies at Healthy Inspirations for the support and encouragement they gave me as I worked towards my […]

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Meet Anjillena B

Lost 32.6kgs and 114.5cm – and won the Inspiring Story of 2018 in our Healthy Women Awards, I spent most of 2017 in hospital with multiple health issues. I was in a wheelchair as I couldn’t walk, and I was in so much pain I wanted to end my life. When I was discharged, I […]

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Meet Sue E

Lost 9.7kgs and 39cms Healthy Inspirations is the most effective weight loss programme I have used. The guidelines are clear and easy to follow. I like all the fresh vegetables and protein options, and don’t get hungry. I am not missing the high carb foods that you need to avoid for weight loss. I have […]

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Meet Lesley B

Lost 10.2kgs and 29cms I had tried to lose weight and keep it off so many times, trying everything there was, when I found Healthy Inspirations at a Home Show in Napier. I didn’t realise I could get the weight off so easily. Everyone at Healthy Inspirations have been so helpful and given me so […]

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Meet Joanne W

Lost 7.6kgs and 42cms I’m so glad I made the decision to contact the team at Healthy Inspirations.  With their help and guidance I was able to lose the extra weight I had struggled with in a matter of weeks. I was surprised that I didn’t feel hungry following the eating plan and that I […]

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Meet Debbie H

Lost 11.5kgs and 40.5cms Thanks to Healthy Inspirations, I have managed to lose the extra weight with their diet, exercise and healthy recipe programme. Favorite

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Meet Heather G

Lost 8.1kgs and 26cms Healthy Inspirations is well named. Walking in the door is the first step to a healthy eating, weight loss programme which is healthy and inspiring. Keeping fit and healthy has always been important to me, but losing those few unwanted kilo by myself was hard work and boring. Participating in the […]

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Meet Robyn B

Robyn before and after

Lost 8.3kg and 31cms   13 weeks later, I feel amazing. Injuries have healed, hot flushes have disappeared – AWESOME!! Back to wearing jeans instead of tights. I have so much more energy, feel fit and full of life. Favorite

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Meet Nicky B

Lost 7.3kgs and 29cms Joining Healthy Inspirations gave me the kickstart I needed after gaining several kilos on a big overseas trip. I tried losing weight by myself but kept going up and down. Being part of a supportive group gave me the determination and motivation to succeed.  It’s great to be able to check-in […]

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Meet Millie L

Millie before and after

Lost 11.1kgs and 55cms My objective, for personal health reasons was to lose weight and gain fitness applicable to my age – 74. I had been unsuccessful in attempts at other fitness centres until I joined the team at HI and I am very comfortable here. The staff at HI Napier have been instrumental in […]

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