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Meet Wendy L

Lost 12kgs and 40cm – and won the Ambassador Story of 2018 in the Healthy Women Awards Change the way you age. If you have retired or are in the age bracket of retirees, look around at the people your age and older. How many of them have round faces due to excess weight? How […]

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Meet Mandy K

Lost 10.5kgs and 34cm I never thought I’d be in such great shape at the age of 46. Food was something that I used to reward myself, make myself feel happy, or treat myself when I was unhappy or annoyed. My weight was something I would think about often, and being unhappy with what I […]

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Meet Julianne W

Lost 10kgs and 42.5cm – and won the Health Story of 2018 in the Healthy Women Awards I had abnormal & severe ectopic heart beats. Poor sleep due to these abnormal heart rhythms caused me to feel more depressed and anxious.Blood tests at this time also revealed that I had high cholesterol. I have a […]

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Meet Ali B

Lost 11.5kgs and 42cms When times get stressful or I’m not in a good head space I’ve always taken it out on my poor old body. Too many drinks, way too much of the unhealthy food and in much bigger quantities! That starts me on a road to not looking after myself, the dieting and […]

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Meet Mandy

Lost 10.5kg and 34 cm That’s 15.1% of body weight My weight loss/gain journey has been a never ending one.  I can remember I started my first “health kick” when I was twelve.  Then being on a never-ending cycle of weighing myself, some form of exercise and eating so few calories that I was not […]

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Meet Deb

Lost 13.3kg and 53 cm That’s 18.97% of body weight The last few years has seen my weight yo-yo. I was tired, carbs became my best friend and anxiety tablets helped keep my emotions at bay. Menopause was a big problem for me and it really made it hard to do anything. I was sleeping […]

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Meet Cate R

Lost 11.5kgs, 36cms & 15.25% of her body weight Having had 2 children, a high carb diet, not exercising like I used to & leading a busy and social lifestyle I found myself heavier than I had EVER been. I loved potatoes, chips (crisps), rice, pasta, sugar (3 in my coffee) & wine with every […]

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Meet Rose M

Rose M before and after

Lost 5.5 kilos (8.23% of her body weight) and 25 cm and kept it off for 4 years (so far!) I have always struggled with my weight and being one of seven children growing up on a farm in Western Australia I grew to a size 18. But on the farm the bigger you were the […]

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Meet Rosie M

Rosie before and after

Lost 11.9kgs and 54cms – that’s 15.10% of her body weight! When I married I weighed 48kgs and only gained 9kgs during each of my 2 pregnancies. Once I stopped breastfeeding though, I put on 20kgs. I wasn’t working and of course, being of Italian descent I had a high carb diet, perfect for weight […]

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Meet Belinda H

Belinda before and after

Lost 23.2kgs & 65cms in 5 months I’m a single mum that always put everyone before me, I have now taken control, I feel fantastic about my new body and the changes I’ve made…  Each day is positive, one step in front of the other. Favorite

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