Senior coach Delecia Hardy

Hi there,

As a senior Healthy Inspirations Coach, I'm delighted to be offering this unique weight loss program to women of Ulverstone, Burnie and surrounding areas. 

There is no other weight loss program like it.

I am helped with another senior coach Rita Russell.

We help women and men lose weight on our program via private weight loss coaching at Burnie, or via phone wherever you are located in Tasmania.

We've got a limited number of coaching times available. If you want to find out more, request a free 10 minute call (fill out the form above) or call us on 04 38 371 385.

We look forward to meeting you.

Delecia and Rita

PS: The exclusive Healthy Inspirations protein products are available at our centre within HealthGlo in Park Grove. We are happy to mail them as well.

A few stats about Healthy Inspirations Burnie/Ulverstone


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Fears and frustrations - we understand them and have solutions!

Do you ever find yourself saying...

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Our male and female weight loss members come from Burnie, Wynyard, Mount Hicks, Somerset, West Ridgley, Tewkesbury, Ridgley, East Cam, Upper Burnie, South Burnie, Stowport, Cuprona, Natone, Upper Natone, Sulphur Creek, Preservation Bay, Penguin, West Ulverstone, Ulverstone and surrounding areas.