Franchisee access only. Do NOT share this page with anyone including team members.

Use the form below to add or remove a team member's access to Healthies Online.

Please do not request for a new team member to have access to both coaching and sales in the beginning. Start everyone with coaching.

Suggested orientation includes:

  1. Sales role play with them being prospect, either in person or via Zoom.
  2. Program Explanation role play with them being the member. Unless they were a member, it is preferred that they go on plan for at least 4 weeks. You cannot insist on this.
  3. Have them set up a new member file and review the Member Service Checklist.
  4. Role play the Checkin process using the Progress Chart.
  5. If working in-centre, role play the Circuit Explanation.
  6. Role play product sales.
  7. Take staff photo for post

Complete their personal details below and then check with them that they have successfully gotten access to Healthies Online and the app.